The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Urges for More Comparable Student Assessment Data

Seattle: Bill Gates is rallying behind school quality in developing nations with a push for more assessment data, a new initiative that links the Microsoft co-founder’s signature U.S. education priorities with his more prominent global philanthropy work.


“The world, in education, focused a lot on access, which is super important, and in most countries made huge progress on gender-equal access, but now there needs to be a focus on quality,” Gates said in a press call on September 11.


The Gates foundation’s majority of work is dedicated to Global health and development which much of them rooted in deep poverty issues in Africa. In the US Gates foundation focuses on reshaping school system. The foundation said the U.S. and global education work are both rooted in their belief that a quality education can best uplift those in poverty, though its two programs will operate separately because the challenges and solutions are different.


The Gates foundation said it wants to work with local school systems to find better, cost-effective ways to teach and learn, and fight the barriers that keep girls from completing their secondary education. Yet that education agenda has seen little success in terms of improving students academically in America. The foundation has also been criticized for its drive for student testing data and out sized influence on school policy nationally.


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