Education Summit 2018: Naqvi Speaks About Improvements in Education and The Gap to be Filled

New Delhi, India: Speaking at the Mail Today’s Education and Skill summit 2018, the Minorities Minister addressed several important issues and initiatives taken to boost education. Minority Affairs Minister Naqvi stated that food, clothes and shelter have always been the focus areas of development but education hadn’t been considered that important till now.


“When I got this responsibility, I focused on three E’s – education, employment and empowerment,” said Naqvi. “In minority communities, children had a school drop-out rate of 72-75 per cent,” he added.


To reduce the dropout rates, apart from the pre and post matric scholarships, a special scholarship was started for girls by the Maulana Azad Foundation named the ‘Begum Hazrat Mahal’ scholarship. “As a result of this, today, the drop-out rate has decreased to 40-41 per cent,” the minister said.


He also refereed to Kerala’s 100% literacy rate and high rate of education in southern states compared to that of north Indian states such as Bihar and UP. He also stated that to improve literacy rate in north India several initiatives have been taken and one among that is the scholarship scheme. Over 3 crore scholarships have been given in the past 4 years among which most of them are for girls. He also stated that 300 districts were chosen and development work related to education have been carried out in these districts.




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