CBSE Advises Students and Parents to be Aware of any Rumors on Social Media

The CBSE has advised students and parents to be aware of any rumors on social media ahead of board examinations and not panic.

“It has been noticed in the past that certain unscrupulous elements spread rumours by posting fake videos and messages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, obviously with the intention of spreading confusion and panic among students, parents, schools and public,” the CBSE Controller said in a public notice.

“Persons involved in such activities are warned and advised to restrain themselves from such activities. In case, any such information comes to the notice of the CBSE, immediate necessary actions will be taken as per law,” he added.

The CBSE Class 12 exams began on February 15 and will conclude on April 3. Class 10 exams began on February 21 and will end on March 29.

Almost every social media platform is trying to figure out ways to minimize and restrict spreading of rumours and fake news. At this important time it is very import for parents and children to restrict themselves from trusting any information from unauthorized sources and verify it with the school or respective authorities before spreading the information to others.


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