Government Schools Outperform Private Schools in Delhi

The present Delhi government has made tremendous effort in transforming education in th state. Their pledge to bring changes in the education has been put to action and the improvement is visible in nearly 1000 government schools in the city.

Classrooms are cleaner with comfortable benches. Many classes have smart boards, projecters and AC. The government has been increasing the budget allocated for education every year and the efforts have delivered good results. 26% of the budget was allocated for education in 2018-2019.

Not only the government schools performed well, they surpassed the performance of private schools. Last year the overall performance of government schools was the second best after Thiruvananthapuram, where pass percentage for schools under the category stands at 99.11%, down from 100% last year.

With a 90.68 pass percentage, these schools outperformed not only the private institutions (pass percentage 88.35 per cent) but also the overall pass percentage of 83.01 per cent. This was also the highest pass percentage for Delhiā€™s government schools in one decade.

The curriculum, with focus on meditation and mental exercise, includes mindfulness practice, gratitude, morals and value based stories and activities involving about eight lakh students.

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