Feature Update – Photo and Video Gallery

TimeToSchool provides an easy to use Gallery feature through web and mobile app. The school admin can easily upload event photos and videos through their web login and this uploaded content will be visible only to the parents who use TimeToSchool mobile application. The photo which are uploaded to the application cannot be accessed by anyone outside the application so the files remain secure.


The application automatically reduces the file size during upload making sure that the photo quality does not get affected. By doing this the loading is fasted even in slower internet connection for parents. The gallery is also view able from the management and staff apps.


The feature is also being added with social media sharing option so that the parents can share the picture to social media from the mobile app directly.


Contact us for further information:

Website: www.timetoschool.com

Phone: 9025339994 / 9025527944

email: support@timetoschool.com

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